z-X Member CS:GO Maps #2

de_oneup by ZeusHaX

A new CS:GO Defuse Map called ‘de_oneup’ after the graffiti used (and also technically there are only places to go a floor/level up – the map is fairly flat, and no-one had used this name lol), it’s small and fun but only half optimized as still learning to map, it is still a box skybox. de_oneup Has been clipped for smoothness and keeping the bomb inside the map 🙂

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de_checkpoint by DrJ4y

Renamed to de_checkpoint! A great peice of mapping design by DrJ4y, who is new to the CS:GO scene but not new to CS or mapping. Originally designed for a WW3 Scenario on CS:GO, and is still being worked on so expect updates! This map is playable now and has some great visuals.

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z-X Member CS:GO Maps

de_max (Max Signs) by DrJ4y

A recreation of his real-life workplace at a sign company in the UK. “A rival sign company has set out to destroy the Maxwell Jones factory!” This is his first CS:GO Map, this map is best designed for deathmatch mode.

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Made by DrJ4y

zx_aim Small (Unfinished) Aim Map by me (currently using alias ZeusHaX )

Originally made in 2017. Recently updated “a small aim map”, that once in a while gets 5-10 minutes spent on improving it. So enjoy it, and watch it update and change in future possibly.

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Made by ZeusHaX