z-X Gaming Dedicated RUST Server!|EU/UK|5x|Kits|Clans|Tp|Loot+ 

Server map wipes weekly
Blueprints wipe every 2 weeks.

Current Mods include:Betterloot (Including supply drops), Instacraft, Voteday, 50k Stacksize (Resources+Some items, 250k TC), Deathnotes, Modded iGather, Remove tool, Teleportation (Sethome etc), Kits (Free kits available), Clans including Friendly fire, Autodoors + More. Decay rate is at 0.2 out of 1. Rules load as you enter (once) and won’t show again unless you type /rule(s)!

Help (Press T, type /help)
Commands (Press T, type /com)
Type /info for all server information.

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Can’t find the server in the list anymore?

Press F1 to open the game console, type: client.connect

Server Rules on connect, theyload once then won’t show again (Press T, type /rules)