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z-X Member CS:GO Maps #3

de_crucible by DrJ4y

A map featuring some custom textures, merged nicely with props mainly from Nuke. The bomb sites are colour coded and the map is very detailed. Features a small sliding goods lift and a garage door without ruining play.

Scenario “One of Crucible Industries storage & distribution hub’s containing nuclear arms and tech has been attacked by an elite group of terrorists, who plan to destroy the site and therefore the city which surrounds it “

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fy_lavapit by ZeusHaX

A Fightyard map, 5v5 – ANTI AFK – Has a firepit at T/CT spawn which drops after 20 seconds, another 2 large firepits inside the map which drop after 40 seconds, and a few mini fire pits which you can damage open. Currently only works with 5v5 (if I add more spawns, they bug and get stuck in the floor) **Also, May get you kicked if you Suicide too much ** there is an option to turn off auto kick if you run a server.

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Learning Game Dev..

Unity HUB FPS Tutorial Game

QFPS v1 – z-X Gaming

I spent one night on my quest to start learning game development, I can’t believe I have made this.. in 1 night! Yes I used the tutorial editor, but in all honesty it didn’t teach me much I had to spend a while playing with the program and watching youtube 🙂 anyway I added a custom credits screne and a quit button (I made a full Windows version of this game which you can run in full resolution) Yes it could be much better, but still.
You can play V1 here and now on the website! 🙂

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z-X Member CS:GO Maps #2

de_oneup by ZeusHaX

A new CS:GO Defuse Map called ‘de_oneup’ after the graffiti used (and also technically there are only places to go a floor/level up – the map is fairly flat, and no-one had used this name lol), it’s small and fun but only half optimized as still learning to map, it is still a box skybox. de_oneup Has been clipped for smoothness and keeping the bomb inside the map 🙂

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de_checkpoint by DrJ4y

Renamed to de_checkpoint! A great peice of mapping design by DrJ4y, who is new to the CS:GO scene but not new to CS or mapping. Originally designed for a WW3 Scenario on CS:GO, and is still being worked on so expect updates! This map is playable now and has some great visuals.

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z-X Member CS:GO Maps

de_max (Max Signs) by DrJ4y

A recreation of his real-life workplace at a sign company in the UK. “A rival sign company has set out to destroy the Maxwell Jones factory!” This is his first CS:GO Map, this map is best designed for deathmatch mode.

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Made by DrJ4y

zx_aim Small (Unfinished) Aim Map by me (currently using alias ZeusHaX )

Originally made in 2017. Recently updated “a small aim map”, that once in a while gets 5-10 minutes spent on improving it. So enjoy it, and watch it update and change in future possibly.

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Made by ZeusHaX

Domain Renewed for 2 more years

Happy Gaming Everyone,

The website domain has been renewed for another 2 years!

Unfortunately the internet connection I currently have hasn’t allowed me to do any decent gaming for a while but hopefully in the future this will improve and you’ll find me active and posting video’s and playing games again! If anyone in the community needs something putting on the website, or a new content creator wish’s to get involved then get in touch at which is occasionally monitored.