Founded 6 September, 2015. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/z-X 

We started as a small community of gamer’s connected via real life friends with more online friends and distant friends still keeping in touch online. We have a wide variety of gamer’s, streamers and video editors in our team already, and we are always looking for more friendly creative faces.

z-X. Gaming puts the decisions into your hands as a community member and our aim is to keep a friendly atmosphere and maintain equality. We encourage enthusiasm and talent and maintain an active community team, we want all members to contribute which is why our community is created and maintained completely by its members for its members. We have regular activity through our teamspeak server, join the forum to get involved.

If you want to do something for z-X. Gaming and get involved then come talk to us on teamspeak!


Community Rules

Any behavior meant to disturb or upset online players is discouraged.

We specifically do not take kindly to;-

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Prejudice
  • Political or Religious comments that make the environment hostile.

We do accept banter, please keep it at that!

The teamspeak & discord server’s primary language is English, therefore please only speak English over voice chat unless allowed by admins

Games We Play

The community plays a variety of games, ranging from CS:GO, Arma, Rust, PUBG, GTA V, Minecraft, Rocket league, Elite Dangerous, Ark Survival, and many other titles across multiple platforms.

Nothing is outside of our scope.. we try to stay creative and have a fun positive time.